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GCHG VJK-MYST Garbonita's California Journey



(CH Star K's Mile Hi Carlos Stardust  X CH  VJK-MYST Garbonita True Bliss SH, NA II)

OFA Hips =EXCELLENT / Elbows=Normal ~ CD=Normal ~ Eyes=Cerf ~Cardiac=Normal/Echo ~ Dilute=DD

Chic # 113547



Co-Owners : Valerie Nunes-Atkinson , Yvonne Hassler-Deterding, Alice Manning,  Mark Ulrich, and Laurie Mykleby-Ulrich


Co-Breeders: Valerie Nunes-Atkinson , Anita Weiss, and Alice Manning

"CJ" Pedigree Genetic % Report


CH VJK-MYST Bend it Like Beckham


(CH Serakraut Breaknrules Coronet X CH VJK’s Point Made For Khrispats)

OFA Hips=Excellent ~ OFA Elbows=Normal ~ Cerf ~ OFA Cardiac = Clear/Specialist



Co-Owners – Valerie Nunes-Atkinson & Yvonne Hassler-Deterding


Co-Breeders – Valerie Nunes-Atkinson & Yvonne Hassler-Deterding

"Beckham" "Pedigree" "Beckham" X "Ali"


CH Star K's Mile Hi Carlos Stardust



(MBISS Am/Can CH White River's Ziggy Stardust JH X BIS NSC CH Kan-Point's VJK Autumn Roses)

OFA=Hips =GOOD ~ CD=Normal ~ Eyes=Cerf ~Cardiac=Normal

CD=Normal ~ VWD=Normal ~ Chic#=60448



Co-Owners : Valerie Nunes-Atkinson and Yvonne Hassler-Deterding

Pedigree Carlos X Bliss

VJK-Myst One In A Million


 (CH Marilee 's Ziel Von Jango X  CH VJK-MYST Bring It On)


OFA - Hips=Prelim Excellent ~ Cardiac = Normal

CERF=Normal ~ CD =Normal

DNA - 


Co-Owners: Valerie Nunes-Atkinson & Yvonne Hassler-Deterdingn & Jennifer Stockland


Co-Breeders: Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, Yvonne Hassler-Deterding

Pedigree Genetic% Report Zane X Monet

CH Marilee's Ziel Von Jango



(Marilee's Titan Von Greif  X  Valkyrie Von Drake)

OFA Hips = Good

Date of Birth - Jan. 23, 1980



Breeders - Chuck D and Valerie Nunes



Owner - Marilyn Stockland & Valerie Nunes

"Ziel" Pedigree

CH VJK Berihill Bolero



(CH  Imagine's Heir Apparent  X  CH Sharwill Berihill Tympani)

OFA Hips =GSP-10606G42M-PI ~ Cardiac GSP-CA317/42M/C-PI-E

CERF Normal GSP-1248 ~ CD Normal Optigen Accession # 04-4245

Thyroid Normal (Private Lab) ~ CHIC



Breeders - Jennifer Mills & Lin Mills & Sharon Asbell



Owner - Lin Mills & Valerie Nunes-Atkinson


Pedigree "Bo" X "Tenely"

CH Garbonita Arizona Rainemaker MH, UT I,UPT II,NA II



(CH Krispat’s Raine in Arizona MH X Garbonita’s Lexus v Jaegerhoff MH,UT PZI, UPT PZII, NA PZII)

OFA=Hips =GOOD ~ CD=Normal ~ Eyes=Cerf = Cardiac=Good



Breeder - Anita Weiss



Co-Owners - Anita Weiss & Gary Weiss of AZ - Garbonita GSP's

"Hudson" Pedigree "Hudson" X "Mia"

BISS AUST Grand CH Trupoint Hierarchy




(Aus CH Trupoint Fourty Four Magnum X  Aus CH Trupoint Simply Sophie)


Australian Scores 1:3 hips and 0:0 elbows



Breeders - Mark Nielson / Trupoint Kennels - Australia



Co-Owners - Diana & Jade Norman of Australia - EDELHOF Kennels

"Mickey" "Mickey" X "Bella"


CH Serakraut Breaknrules Coronet




(CH Coronet Bendingtherule Oakleaf X CH Serakraut's Miss Clara)

OFA - GSP-11900E37M-PI  Hips ~ OFA - GSP-EL662M37-PI  Elbows

Cardiac - GSP-CA377/18M/P-PI ~ DNA - V308909




Co-Breeders - Stewart & Joan Ehrhardt



Co-Owners - Lou & Sandy Torres of CA -

"Truman" "Truman" X "Bella"

BISS Int Am CH Kaiser's MVP JH




(CH Kan-Point Destiny's the Reason JH  X CH Kaiser's Ruff N Ready MH CD CGC  )


Cardiac: GSP-CA198/56M/C-PI (Normal) CERF Tested Normal 99

Hips: GSP-8446G24M-T (Good) Elbows: GSP-EL229M24-T (Normal)




Owner - Ron and Pam Richardson of La Crosse WI - Kaiser's Kennels

"Bret" "Brett" X "Suzie"


MBIS,MSBIS, NSS, CH. Minado's Parade Drum Major, HOF (Hall of Fame), ROMXX


2/24/93 - 4/27/07

(NSS Ch. Maekenet's Flying Persuasion X  Ch. Minado's I-M Precious Crystal)

#1 GSP ALL SYSTEMS 1995,1996,1997
GSPCA Show dog of the Year for 95,96,97
Winner of National Specialty 1998
Winner of Westminster KC BOB at 10 years of age.
Sporting Group 3 Westminster KC at 10 years of age.
13 All Breed Best In Shows
GSPCA Stud dog of Year (show type) for 5 years
GSPCA Hunt Test Sire of the Year 1999
Sire of 106 Champions,


"Toby" X "Suzie"



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